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Source Inspection Services









ETIK Engineering & Technical Consulting



Address:  Uzay Çağı Bulvarı No:82 B-17 Ostim 06370 ANKARA TURKEY


phone: +90.312.385 16 75+90.312.385 16 75 fax: +90.312.385 55 70

e-mail: web :





ETIK Engineering & Consulting : Short Introduction


ETIK is an engineering company for 15 years in Turkey. All the engineers working in ETIK have an experience of minimum 20 years ; especially in automotive, defence and aerospace industries expertising at design, production and quality engineering. Our company  supplies technical training, consultancy and source inspection to the automotive, defence and aerospace industries.


Since from the beginning,

  • Consulting services, especially on Quality Management Systems, Occupational Health and Safety Systems and CE Marking of Machinery According to EU Directives  have been given to more than 60 SME’s.


  • Technical training for more than 3,000 engineers and technicians have been completed, especially on Engineering Drawings, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, Calibration and Verfication of Measurement Instruments.


  • 15,000 hours  of source inspection for the leading companies in Turkey have been completed.



ETIK Services

  1. Source Inspection Services (SIS)

1.1. Pre-Shipment Inspection: The inspection of manufactured parts according to the engineering drawings and customer specifications.

1.2. First Article Inspection: The inspection of of first production piece according to the engineering drawings and customer specifications.

1.3. Tool, gage and prototype inspection: The inspection and verification of tools, gages and protypes etc. according to the engineering drawings and customer specifications


2. Product Monitoring (PRM)

2.1. Machinery and Process Capability: Detailed inspection and audit of all machinery and processes used for manufacturing, and if necessary to apply statistical process control techniques.

2.2. Measurement System Analysis: Control of gages and measuring equipments used to check customer production using statistical techniques according to the related standards.


3. Quality System Asssessment (QSA)

3.1. QSA of a Potential Supplier: Assessment of a potential supplier prior to awarding a contract.

3.2. QSA of an Ongoing Supplier: Assessment of the suppliers  already manufacturing for the customer.


4. Preproduction Meetings with Subcontructors

Inspection of the engineering drawings and related documents of customers, to assure the subcontractors understand the documents thoroughly and any misunderstanding is noticed before the start of manufacturing process.



ETIK  Mission Statement



bearing a technical personality against her customers

in every area where she delivers service,

etik is a company which,

within the engineering ethics and humanistic world outlook, is environmentally conscious and shares knowledge

while transforming the universal resources

through advanced engineering practice

in return for optimal profit.


January 1999 - Ankara